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Sophie's Studio Terms Of Business

At Sophie's Studio we aim for full transparency for all of our customers in the way that the dance school operates; so that members know what to expect upon joining Sophie's Studio.

We find this ensures a kind and safe Dance School environment,

where young dancers thrive and parents are happy.

With this in mind, the following Terms Of Business may be of use to you...

Sophie’s Studio offer a monthly membership for classes, starting at £23, paid via Direct Debit, using our fund collecting website, GoCardless. 


Our fees have been calculated on a yearly basis and spread across 12 equal monthly payments. This fee does NOT including any extra rehearsals or private lessons that may be arranged for shows, competitions or other dance school events. Class fees are worked out over the dance school’s 'open weeks’ throughout the year.


We ask customers to tell us one month in advance should a dancer wish to leave a class.


All class fees are due on the 25th of each month, in advance of the month's lessons taking place.

Payments are divided into equal monthly instalments and will be uniquely based on your child's chosen class(es).  


The calculation for monthly class fees for each class is set out at the bottom of this email. Each month, GoCardless will generate an email reminder for funds being billed from you account and a bespoke monthly invoice for your records.

There is no action required your end, once your payment scheme has been set up. You will be added to our GoCardless Customer Database and your child will be added to our registers.


Any missed classes due to holiday or sickness or other outside commitments within the dance school’s term time will still be charged.  This is not to dissimilar to that of how nursery fees or other extra curricular activities are calculated.


Sophie’s Studio will be closed in line with all local authority school holidays, bank holidays and a few extra that we have taken into consideration.

We work in line with that of the GDPR regulations and you can review our data protection policy using the link below.

SS Monthly Membership Costs ;

Monday - Development & Junior Elite Technique, £31

Monday - Junior Lyrical Elite Team Training, £39

Monday - Teen Lyrical Elite Team Training, £47

Monday - Teen & Senior Elite Technique, £31

Tuesday - Intermediate Junior Lyrical & Jazz, £24

Tuesday - Intermediate Teen Lyrical & Jazz, £24

Tuesday - Inter / Advanced Lyrical & Jazz, £28

Thursday - Stretch Progression [RADAR Technique Module 13], £23

Thursday - SSDC Hip Hop Competition Team, £34

Thursday - Ladies Dance, £23 [45 mins]

Saturday - Mini Recreational Hip Hop 9:15am, £23 [45 mins]

Saturday - Musical Theatre Repertoire & Performance, £24

Saturday - Recreational Hip Hop, £24

Ad Hoc Private Lesson [1/2 Hour, 1:1], £15

Elite Team Member NEW Solo [Set Fee], £50

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