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Sophie’s Studio Dance In Education 

Curriculum Dance (Reception to Yr 6), Breakfast Clubs and/or After School Clubs

Having rewritten the National Curriculum for Dance Key Stage One and Two this year, Sophie now teaches dance as part of Primary Schools PE syllabus.

Understanding that dance is a very specific discipline to teach, Sophie is able to deliver dance lessons for schools condensing a professional understanding of dance in to classes for young minds.

Sophie also delivers dance classes as Breakfast Clubs and After School Clubs. Extra curricular clubs see dance taught with a slightly more relaxed and fun approach.

To date Sophie has taught students from:

  • St Robert Southwell Primary School

  • Kingslea Primary School 

  • St Mary's Primary School 

  • Southwater Infant Academy 

  • Southwater Junior Academy 

  • Arunside Primary School 

  • Greenway Academy 

  • St Andrews Primary of Nuthurst 

  • Horsham District Council Sports Activity Days 

  • The College of Richard Collyer

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