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Our Classes

We offer a wide range of dance and theatre classes to suit a variety of styles and abilities. 

Our Sophie's Studio Monthly Membership starts at £23

A dancer's first class is a complimentary FREE TRIAL

Sophie's Studio DO NOT charge customers a Joining Fee or an Annual place holding Members Fee

Uniforms are optional

Hip Hop

Ages - 4-20yrs

A way to improve confidence and give young dancers a chance to channel their energy and creativity through the most current dance style.


Musical Theatre Class 

Ages - 5-13 yrs

A class that teaches the techniques to combine all three theatrical disciplines. Musical Theatre sees students being able to sing, act, move to music and above all perform.

Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary & Repertoire

Intermediate & Advanced Level Classes Available

For committed young dancers who are keen to take their dance training to the next level. This class takes training to the next level, visiting a plethora of dance techniques and styles and occasionally offering industry professional guest lecturers.

Acro Dance

A combination of stretching and flexibility work, body and core conditioning and learning and perfecting acrobatic techniques known in the dance world as 'tricks'.

Sophie’s Studio Dance In Education 

Curriculum Dance (Reception to Yr 6), Breakfast Clubs and/or After School Clubs

Having rewritten the National Curriculum for Key Stage One and Two Dance, Sophie now teaches Dance as part of Primary Schools PE syllabus and is Head Of Dance at Arunside School.


Sophie's Studio is also incredibly proud to have sole residency at Arunside. With that, the money the Dance School pay Arunside each month to use their facility, supports Art In Education.

For pupils who exemplify talent in any artistic capacity, Sophie's Studio can support that child in endeavouring to grow and nurture their talent; be it in playing a musical instrument, dance or even pupils being able to go and watch live theatre. Sophie's Studio's financial contribution facilitates Art in education at Arunside in a capacity the government doesn't support creative young pupils in schools.

Class Prices & Payment

Click Enrol for your FREE TRIAL

Class prices start at £7.50

A dancers first class is a complimentary FREE TRIAL. 


Fees are payable monthly via our SS Direct Debit Payment System, using fund collecting website, GoCardless.

Fees are paid a month in advance of classes being taken. All invoices must be paid in full.

Fees are only deductible when a class is cancelled by the principal or when the school is closed for holidays.


NO Annual / Life Time membership or admin fee for students is charged.

One months notice must be given for any student wishing to leave a particular class.

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